Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not even a trickle flowing down for the middle classes

Whoever thought I would not only be reading Bloomberg Business Week, but also citing it? One of my intellectual colleagues reads everything right of whatever mark he sets for himself. After that, he passes it on to me, hoping he can save my mind by some miracle.

Guess what, even this Business Week has realized that the trickle down is no longer trickling. At least not this week, not this month, not this year, not this decade, not this ......

Read it for yourself before you continue further.
So, the growth mantra works for the rich. It may even work for throwing a few lollipops to the poor. But for the middle classes there is nothing.

Have you ever wondered who you are voting for? Why?

Do you have your own party? Are you being represented? Is there a party for the middle classes?

If not, one suddenly understand the choice made by some to opt out. But opting out means opting out of the votes as well as the economy. Suddenly, the parallel economy starts making sense. It is no longer about legality or illegality, it's about legitimacy or illegitimacy.

 Legitmacy requires representation. 

Its not about right or left, its about in or out.



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