Thursday, September 18, 2014

War or Peace for the middle classes

So much has been written on the impact of war, so many tragedies told, so many tears shed, yet we begin business as usual. We are middle class.

There are parents losing children and children losing parents, yet we are planning on how we can make money on reconstruction after destruction. We are middle class.

There are wives losing husbands and women raped, yet we are patiently planning on how we should grow great. We are middle class.

There are those exalting in power in taking away a life, yet we are powerless to perform anything more than our selfish strife. We are middle class.

We can read about war on a daily basis till we are numbed by the numbers, and we can piously pretend that it will never happen here. We are middle class.

Turn the other cheek, look away, its none of your business. What is a disaster can be profitable to someone. Just turn the page of your paper. After all, you’re only middle class.

You didn’t pay to read this, you don’t need to ever come back. Just quietly go back to your search for more information indigestion. It is the lot of the middle class.

What can we do, what could possibly be done? The answer is sitting in your heart. But can you listen? Can you be proud to be middle class?

Slow down, work less.
Share your work with someone else.
Give him an identity
Let him make money
And join in the pride of the middle class.


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