Saturday, September 10, 2011

French socialist revival: forget the middle classes?

Judging by French news media, well the socialists are going to win I guess.

Judging by Media, a Socialist conservative is ahead. Obviously, in a country where no change is considered good, we can say "No changes, read his lips."
Those who do something are turned to the pasture after five years. Those who do nothing, can get re-elected. 

Guess the middle classes will have to wait unless they move....if they find a mover.

What complicates the situation in France is the prevalence of a huge class of retired people who are totally out of tune of the reality, except that they know their rights to a nice pension.

These people have the time and the energy to participate politically and ensure that the candidate, even a young candidate, is such that their perquisites are not touched. With life expectancy increasing, little by little they are accepting small changes, but prolonging the agony of the middle classes as long as it is possible.

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