Friday, September 16, 2011

Middle class revolution on the internet

I decided to look for middle class revolution on the internet

Found pages, many pages

The last one is particularly interesting for those who want different views (have to read through the mundane starting paragraphs first).

For the first one, I added a note
I do appreciate the views of this paper.
However, the figures used by the World Class makes one wonder.... Does the world bank have any idea who are the working poor? These are people earning minimum wages. In France this could be 1365 Euros a month or about 63 Euros a day. Don't tell me these working poor are middle class? If they are lower income class, then middle class must be starting at 70 Euros a day and probably going till 400 Euros a day or 90000 Euros a month.
In India, I doubt that people will consider their maids as middle class. Their driver perhaps. So, if a full time maid is earning about Rs 3000 a month, or Rs 100 a day or $ 2 (probably $ 5 in ppp terms), then this cannot be middle class. Middle class is probably $ 4 or $ 10 in ppp terms per day. On the high end, someone earning Rs 1 lakhs a month no longer believes he's made it to the upper class. This is about Rs 4000 per day or $100 a day (more in ppp).
So, I guess we need to write our own history based as much on sociology as economic statistics.

But I think it would be good if someone wants to participate in doing real research and finding out ways to fix the middle class lower level and upper level. After all, we don't want the stinking rich in our party.... do you want to hold your noses?

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