Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sharing jobs beyond the middle classes

Isnt the solution evident? If we want to share with the unemployed, we need to share today's jobs and not those from the piggy banks of our kids. Just because the previous generation did this to us, doesn't mean that we need to pass the buck to our kids. Why give jobs to people who don't want to work to produce things and services which no one really wants to buy? So we need to share our existing jobs.

The 35 hour week in France was a good experiment. Except that the implementation was watered down. There were so many excluded: the managers, the CEOs, the politicians. The excluded could work more and get richer, while the others were relegated to a cap on middle class income. Obviously, inequalities increased and only the middle classes shared the jobs with the poor.

To really make the thing work, everyone has to do his bit and work only 3.5 days a week. 3 days each and 0.5 days overlap to share what happened with the guy who is going to take our jobs! No exclusions. Yes, it has to start with the President who says the buck stops here! Not just print it behind his chair.

Two Presidents? Can it work? Why not?

Can anyone think of a better idea? There is a comment box just below.

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